Is Blockchain Fiesta for me?


Yes, it is. We’ve created our agenda to serve the needs of various attendees. We’re aware that a Blockchain transformation is happening and there are people with various levels of knowledge. Our agenda is structured into 3 blocks:

UNDERSTAND – The morning panel is dedicated for attendees who’ve already heard about Blockchain but are still looking for real-life applications and possibilities. It’s for everyone who still believes Blockchain and crypto myths. Sonia Targosz and Maike Gericke will help us understand that Blockchain is much more than bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

TRUST – Blockchain is the new technology of trust. One of the ways to gain trust and build mutual understanding is to present case studies of Blockchain implementation. You will get answers from Anish Mohammed, Tajnla Islam, Arne Rutjes, Magdalena Golebiewska andMarcelina Szwed-Ziemichód to questions like: do we need Blockchain for everything? Why then do we need Blockchain? How is a big company like IBM implementing Blockchain solutions in logistics? What are the legal implications of Blockchain? Is Blockchain safe?

DISRUPT – Use technology to change the world we all know. How can Blockchain and Machine Learning work together to bring a better future for everyone? What are the cutting-edge programming solutions that help developers build on Blockchain? Gather more tech insight to be engaged in the fastest technological transformation while remaining safe. Answers to these questions will be given to us by Anjalee Burr, Rudradeb Mitra, and Karol Przystalski.

Meet our Experts

There are so many more people that we’d like to invite than we can fit into the agenda. So we’ve decided that in addition to our speakers, we will invite industry experts to join us because their presence in this community is mutually valuable. This time we’re happy to welcome: Paweł Pinio, Ania Bywanis, Wiktor TenderaDaniel KmakMarcin Mycek, Agata Kowalska.

Open Space Sessions

During BlockchainFiesta, everyone will have a chance to take part in Open Space Sessions where participants are co-creators of the agenda. Everyone can bring his or her topic or story that they would like to discuss with others. Some attendees will come to just listen. Some will come to take part in the discussion. It is a great opportunity to meet new people who share similar interests and gather perspectives. Join us on the 16th of November. Grab your ticket here now:


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