Meeting new industry, technology and business in Katowice


On September 26-28th, the International Congress Centre in Katowice will be the host of the next edition of the New Industry Expo. New Industry Expo aims to promote creative and innovative companies to compete with global leaders, participate at meetings, debates, discussions, and workshops Registration for entrepreneurs who want to earn a place in the exhibition area is already open here.

New Industry Expo (Nowy Przemysł Expo) is a series of discussions, meetings, presentations and demonstrations with the participation of economic decision-makers, managers of major industrial corporations, scientists working with startups and developers.

“… New Industry Expo is an innovative event for everyone involved in the technological and economical transformation. I invite you to read the agenda of events and registration.” says Wojciech Kuśpik, president of PTWP, the organizer of the event.

New Industry Expo Agenda includes three thematic blocks. As part of the path: Automation and Robotics group of experts will present the latest innovations in the use of the potential of improving the production process using advanced technology solutions as the most powerful block of the Industry4.0. It covers topics related to production management in the digital factories and energy efficiency. In the area of Industry 4.0, you will hear about a new industrial revolution, digital asset management at the plant, energy efficiency, modern chemistry, digitization, the automotive industry and 4.0 in the automotive industry and in the context of the “Made in Poland”. The path: Education and Labor Market topics will be leading market specialists, human resource management and technical education and engineering.

During the New Industry Expo, you can also participate at “Contractor’s Day”, where major investors will present their plans and projects on practical examples and discuss the effectiveness and efficiency of a large investor collaboration with suppliers and contractors. In the area of consulting and workshop, participants will have the opportunity to deepen knowledge among specialists. You can submit your applications by 20 August here [PL].

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