Miko.ai – a Robot for Children by Alexander Gornyi


The post was originally published in Russian on Alexander’s Telegram channel. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers

Voice assistants are no longer new; there are dozens of them on the market. So if McDonald’s or any new startup launches their version of Siri tomorrow, no one will be surprised. The technologies are available; you’re free to experiment. Yet, assistants are doing worse with monetization. The giants use them to promote their ecosystems, while others do everything just for PR.

The team of the Indian #startupoftheday Miko solved the money problem. They sharpened the voice assistant for communication with children, added fairy tales and developmental games, removed unnecessary staff, and put their “Alice” inside a toy, not a speaker. Viola, the commercial product is ready.

First, parents buy a robot for $239, then pay $100 a year to subscribe to content. Of course, you can’t sell such a toy in India, but for the American market, the prices are low. Moreover, the buyer feels that it’s not a waste but an investment in the future. Miko has a lot of valuable skills which are very useful for children.

In a recent round, the startup raised $30 mln in investments estimated to be around $60 mln.


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Startup: Miko

Translation : Valeria Stupnikova


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