Next generation wallet on the way


Woolet, a Polish origin unlosable wallet, gathers $329,028 on Kickstarter – substantially more than its $15,000 goal.

Have you ever lost your wallet? with Woolet it will never ever happen to you again. “The slimmest wallet for the modern man” – as it is advertised on the website – will give you an emergency notification if you walk too far from it. It also works the other way around: if you leave your phone behind, your wallet will ring!

“We set out to create the ultimate wallet to keep men’s most essential belongings safe. A no-compromises wallet that you will never lose. A smart wallet that protects your valuable cash and cards in every situation,” notes the project description on Kickstarter.

This feature is possible thanks to the Bluetooth low energy technology that allows Woolet to be synchronized with your smartphone. The connection is managed by downloading and installing a free app. What is more, the electronics are powered by a low-energy ARM Cortex-M0 processor and can recharge as you carry Woolet around, so you don’t need to charge you wallet. Currently, the Woolet team is working on both body heat recharging and movement-based recharging.

The smart wallet is developed by a group of Polish entrepreneurs, including Marek Cieśla (one of the founders of Inc), Teodor Kosch, and Bart Zimny, also known as the Clime sensor.

”Woolet is just the beginning,” says Marek Cieśla in the promo video, “We plan to give you a whole ecosystem of product that protect your precious things and give you more control over your life.”
Woolet is expected to be launched in May.


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