PLN 500 million for new technology demonstrators


The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) announced the second competition in the “Demonstrator” programme.

The NCBR has allocated PLN 500 million to support companies in R&D which will be crowned with the creation of a demonstration version of new products in the programme.

“One of our priorities is to increase the entrepreneurs’ involvement in R&D, based on an effective co-operation with the science sector. By making use of the support instruments available, we aim to achieve greater synergy in areas that have a direct impact on economic growth. “Demonstrator” fits well with these goals, whereas the support for ambitious R&D projects that are close to market entry will yield near-term tangible results for the economy,” said Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Piotr Dardziński PhD.

Demonstrator” is implemented under Sub-Measure 1.1.2 of the Operational Programme Smart Growth “Companies’ R&D related to the creation of a pilot/demonstration installation”. Thanks to the support of the NCBR, companies will be able to test innovative solutions aimed at transferring R&D results to the economy. This will result in the market introduction of modern and innovative technologies processes and products.

“By sharing with entrepreneurs the risks associated with taking up R&D,  we support the best projects of companies that want to gain a competitive edge and strengthen their positions in the market on the basis of R&D results. Support under “Demonstrator” will allow them to check and test the demo innovative solutions before introducing them to the market,” says the Director of the NCBR, Professor Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski.

The budget of the competition announced by the NCBR is PLN 500 million. Both micro, small, medium and large enterprises will be eligible to apply. The call for proposals will run from 7 January to 29 February 2016.

In the first competition, whose results were announced in September 2015 on the basis of expert evaluation, the NCBR supported the top 20 of the 122 projects submitted. Fifteen large companies and five SMEs received funding to the tune of more than PLN 280 million. Thanks to the support of the NCBR, they will conduct experimental R&D, whose final results will include e.g.: the first European 6-axis multi-system electric locomotive for heavy freight trains (made in Poland), a technology demonstrator of a light twin-engine rotorcraft with electric power steering of the main rotor as well as the development of an innovative technology of producing a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


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