Poles rule social media advertising world


Poland is one of the first countries to introduce Instagram ads – not without a reason.

Facebook has been expanding its global presence. Brands, agencies and marketers are using Facebook in ways that can switch up creative depending on the audience, tailoring the promotion based on a consumer’s interests, background and geography. The social network continues to see more than half its ad revenue come from overseas.

In Poland, 13 million Poles use Facebook on a monthly basis, 9 million of whom only access Facebook via a mobile device. 9.7 million people uses the social network every day. Facebook ads are taken very seriously here.

In Poland, the majority of consumers (84 percent) are connected to small business on Facebook. Interestingly, Poles send 50 percent more messages to businesses via Facebook, compared with the global average. As the statistic shows, Polish users are extremely engaged which means it’s easier to tailor services to their needs.

2015 marked the fourth Facebook Awards, which recognize the most creative, innovative, and effective marketing that makes use of the platform. Polish airline company, LOT, won gold in the media strategy category.

Facebook ads along with Instagram marketing have seen a significant rise in Poland and the trend still continues to grow. Therefore, Poland is one of the first countries to introduce Instagram ads. One of the first companies to have tested Instagram ads was McDonald’s. It launched a campaign with the OMD media agency. The campaign was focused on McDonald’s traditional food menu – burgers, French fries, ice-creams and coffee. Adidas was another brand to advertise on Instagram, with the help of the Carat media agency. More brands are already setting their sights on the new advertising platform, especially that the social network is opening up ads to the business of all sizes.

Instagram is making it easier for businesses to port their television commercials into Instagram ads thanks to 30 seconds videos. Moreover, the social network will introduce landscape dimensions and a new buying option called Marquee that enables to reach users quickly. Several businesses are also leveraging Instagram bots (like the ones mentioned in Increditools) to push their marketing goals.

Given Facebook’s omnipresence in the advertising business, Instagram is prone to quickly follow Facebook’s success.


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