PZU and Alior Bank Team Up in a COVID-19 Acceleration Project

  • PZU (Polish giant insurance company) and Alior Bank announce the recruitment of innovative projects under the RBL_START # COVID-19 initiative. 
  • The program was created to support Poland-based startups in the implementation of the best solution.
  • Applications can be submitted until April 26, 2020.

RBL_START #COVID-19 organizers and partners are looking for startups with ideas in overcoming health, social and economic challenges associated with the ongoing pandemic.

Alior Bank and PZU invite companies that operate in the areas of:

  • prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of coronavirus, 
  • social education in the area of treatment,
  • solutions facilitating the use of online services, especially accommodating seniors,
  • services that help companies transfer customer relationships to remote channels,
  • solutions helping to maintain financial liquidity for individuals and companies during the economic slowdown,
  • products and services that respond to clients’ recent health, financial and insurance needs.

‘We want to promote ideas that have a broad social dimension. They provide treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and education. Initiatives that help improve services and insurance and banking offers will also be appreciated so that they better respond to the needs of customers during the crisis caused by the virus. This applies, for example, to the development of remote processes and improving them so that all customers, including older people, can use them without much effort,’ said Marcin Kurczab, Director of the Innovation Lab at PZU

What’s the award?

The winning startups will get the full support of Alior and PZU experts in the implementation of projects, as well as assistance in their dissemination. Microsoft is the technology partner supporting the RBL_START # COVID-19 initiative.

As Chief Innovation Officer at Alior Bank Daniel Daszkiewicz pointed out that in the current situation of the pandemic, the criteria for project selection, in addition to their real social effect, will be ease and speed of implementation on a large scale.

By applying to the program, you have a chance to have a real impact on reducing the negative effects of a pandemic in Poland and support your community.

Applications are accepted until April 26, 2020. Apply!


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