RealDoll X – AI for Sex Toys by Alexander Gornyi


Rubber women from that joke about non-alcohol beer is a very real product. American company RealDoll has been selling real-size dolls for imitating sexual intercourse for 25 years now.

The mannequin’s body and face are made according to the buyer’s taste; some elements of the image can be ordered individually, by the photographs from the buyer. Nevertheless, it is still a doll, not a construction set or a robot.

Since RealDoll has been on the market for over a quarter of a century, it must be that many people have a very well-developed imagination. The toy costs USD 5-10K depending on the model and the specifications, it’s even available in Russia, even if the margin is wild.

But that’s just the preface, here’s the main part. Today’s startup of the day is a new product from the same company, RealDoll X. Developers added an AI to the old doll – a voice assistant trained in romantic topics. Aside from using it the regular way, you can now talk to the mannequin, it will show ultimate partiality. And to make the date even more realistic, the new head model can mimic facial expression in accordance with the uttered words.

As it’s usual with the software, RealDoll X is for sale by subscription. 30 dollars per month isn’t much compared to the price of the doll but significant against its retail margin – the traditional math for any smart devices.

The press didn’t cover the investments in the project. Investments aside, their app cannot even pass through the stores’ moderation. As far as I understand, you have to download an apk file for Android, and there are no options for iPhones at all.


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