Reporting Aliexpress Russia by Alexander Gornyi


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

Yesterday, AliExpress Russia revealed its indicators for the first time, and this is a good reason for  #thestartupoftheday.

The numbers the company focuses on, and which all the media are circulating, are data for the financial year calculated from April 1 to March 31. It’s cool that Ali was able to calculate everything in a week, but for comparability, it is much more logical to focus on what they wrote below, literally in the postscript. It’s the data for the normal calendar 2020. The most important is the platform’s turnover which is 210 bln rubles. Ozon, for comparison, over the same period is 197 bln, Wildberries 437 bln.

The second important thing is that Ali has a significant sales volume of local Russian sellers. This is already a quarter of the entire business. Accordingly, a quarter of Ozon, 1/9 Wildberries. So the share is noticeable against the background of leaders, a good result in a year and a half of work.

The third interesting thing is growth. Ali published it only for Russian sellers, and everything is very nice there, + 151%. This is slightly better than Ozon (+ 144%) and noticeably faster than Wildberries (+ 96%). The dynamics of the Chinese part are unknown, but it is clearly measured in completely different orders, COVID for it was a shot in the leg and not a blessing.

It is also curious that the ratio of financial and calendar year turnovers for the Chinese and Russian parts is almost identical. It is determined by the difference between the Q1 2021 added to the calculation and the Q1 2020 that dropped out of it. That is, in the first quarter of last year, due to the quarantine in China, sales of their sellers failed so that the current recovery is comparable in speed with the soaring local marketplace.

The last thing that caught my eye is the largest category in terms of turnover in the Russian segment of AliExpress. These are auto parts that I would never have thought of.

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Translation : Valeria Stupnikova

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