SeedBlink’s Annual Tech Investors Academy Calls Aspiring Investors to Its 3rd Edition

  • The 3rd edition of SeedBlink’s Tech Investor Academy will begin on June 10th
  • The annual event is divided into 4 lessons dedicated to various aspects of equity investment
  • The registration is open until June 5th

On June 10th, the proactive Romanian crowd equity platform SeedBlink begins its annual Tech Investors Academy to educate investors on financial issues, trends, and opportunities, to help them make informed investment decisions.

SeedBlink is a co-investment platform that provides tech startups from Romania, CEE, and other regions, with an opportunity to raise additional funds from smaller investors. The regular ticket size in a SeedBlink campaign is as affordable as EUR 2,500 or EUR 1,000 for Club members, but the campaigning startups have a possibility to adjust it further.

  • Among other advantages, a SeedBlink campaign is a perfect opportunity for a startup to engage its customers as stakeholders.
  • The platform’s most famous portfolio startups include Dronamics, Rayscape (ex-XVision), and Bright Spaces.
  • Three years ago, SeedBlink decided to nurture its investors for the common benefit. The first two editions gathered 200 participants and guest speakers from all over Europe.

The third edition of SeedBlink’s Tech Investor Academy offers an improved module with special attention to the participants’ feedback. According to the organizers, most participants favor self-paced classes divided into chunks of lessons, easy to follow and revise. In practice, it will mean a four-week course, with videos released at the start of each week and a live Q&A session at the end of the week. This also offers more inclusivity regarding the location and time zone of the participants.  

This year’s classes will be held by SeedBlink experts and guest mentors who will pay special attention to dynamics of investment by being presented with real-life case studies. Tech Investor Academy’s 3rd editions mentors are:

All the interested investors are welcome to register here.

In a Nutshell

  • Registration: here, until June 5th
  • Start: June 10th
  • Location: Online

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