How To Web Conference Calls Startups to Its 2024 Spotlight Competition

  • 2024’s edition of How To Web Conference will once again take place in Bucharest in early October
  • As usual, the Conference will be complemented by CEE’s biggest startup competition
  • Startups are welcome to apply for the Spotlight competition, as well as to present themselves at the Conference’s Expo

On October 2-3rd, HowToWeb Conference will once again welcome founders, investors, executive, tech talent, – altogether over 3,000 attendees of 2023’s – at its 2024 edition. Over 350 founders are expected to represent their startups.

Alexandru Agatinei, CEO at How To Web

Arguably the biggest attraction of How to Web Conference remains the matchmaking program and competition for startups, Spotlight. In 2023, the competition offered the investment prize of EUR 880K, which was the largest in Eastern Europe and second largest in Europe. The winning startup was Collabwriting, the Serbian developer of a browser extension that makes it seamless to capture and organize information on the go.

‘As How to Web Conference gathers Eastern Europe’s brightest minds, Spotlight digs deeper into the underdogs of the region’s startup scene. And Collabwriting is the best example of such underdogs, diamonds in the rough — now backed by Eastern Europe’s greatest investors and a team able to move mountains to conquer an industry that has no clear winners yet,’ How To Web’s CEO Alexandru Agatinei commented.

Their example inspires resilience in driving innovation, in the face of any adversity. It is also an inspirational call to action for startup founders and product builders to join together and elevate their pursuits to new levels of success.

More specifically, the benefits of participation include:

  • Inspiring founder stories packed with invaluable insights about securing investment. Extensive networking opportunities allow founders to connect with those who can boast about significant experience and successes in fundraising. The announced participants include Bartek Pucek, Co-Founder of Proofs, or Paulina Wardega, Co-Founder of Heroify, and many more are to come.
  • The dedicated Spotlight program goes beyond the competition. It connects founders with seasoned mentors who can guide them through development and fundraising, help them perfect their pitch and strategy to attract the most fitting investors, and learn how to finetune their product for these purposes.
  • Hundreds of prominent venture capitalists and angel investors are present at the annual Conference. Founders must use this chance to highlight themselves before potential investors whose contribution will accelerate their scaling.
  • Finally, renowned marketing and sales leaders like April Dunford, Els Aerts, and Giorgio Pontillo, Product & UX experts like Matt LeMay or Ioana Teleanu, and many more, will share their invaluable industry insights on stage. An excellent opportunity presents itself to learn from industry titans’ expertise and implement it in an aspiring startup’s sales and marketing funnels and improved product development.

You are welcome to follow the agenda and other updates on HowToWeb’s Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Please mind that the applying startups have to buy a ticket (super early bird until prices are available until June 13th). Tickets can be purchased after the application. Other requirements are:

  • Early stage: under 5 years old and under EUR 700K of funds raised.
  • The product is launched and the traction is visible.

Interested startups are welcome to apply here.


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