Now Sense helps you fall asleep


Sense helps you fall asleep to a calming ambient sound and mask all those nighttime noises and wakes you up at the optimal time.

The greatest blessing one can have would be a sound sleep. There are many in the world who don’t have a regular sleep-wake cycle. Being sleep-deprived can affect one’s health adversely. They might lag at work and while doing day-to-day activities. To get quality sleep, some people change their old mattresses (perhaps after reading reviews of the Best mattress in Australia), listen to calming music, exercise, and even visit a doctor. All these are feasible solutions. Even when you are sleeping, your brain continues to process and register sound. During the night, noises can disrupt your rest, disrupt your lifecycle and leave you feeling tired when you wake up. However, listening to a calming ambient sound or ingesting something like cannabidiol (see Vibes CBD for more info) can help you fall into a deep slumber and ensure that you get a good night’s rest.


Falling asleep to a custom-composed sound like Rainfall, Autumn Wind, or Fireside, along with any other white noise that you may like can help you have a better and more relaxing sleeping experience. These sounds have been created just for Sense and are designed specifically to help you drift peacefully off to sleep and stay slumbering through the night.

“This level of thoughtfulness is consistent across the full Sense experience, from the design of the physical ball to the app and its features, to the custom ringtones and “Smart Alarms.” Everything feels carefully curated with no extraneous features floating around.”
“We’ve since modified the apartment to be less hot and noisy, but I’ve been able to monitor the bedroom environment, as well as my own sleeping habits, thanks to this beautiful little ball called Sense.” Dave Smith , deputy technology editor of Tech Insider.


The release of Sleep Sounds means that Sense now helps you improve every aspect of your sleep, from before bedtime to the moment you wake up. Without asking you to wear an inconvenient accessory that requires charging or activation, Sense monitors your sleep through your movement during the night. In the morning, with the data collected about your sleep cycle, Sense‘s Smart Alarm identifies the optimal time for you to wake up.

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