recognized by the Rzeczpospolita daily

0 has another addition to its collection of awards, recently the startup has been named the “Orzeł Innowacji” by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

According to the jury, – a Krakow-based startup, is one of most promising Polish innovation. The company – along with four other, including: GeniCore, Social WiFi, EasySolar and Carbon Workshop – was named a winner of this year’s edition of the Orzeł Innowacji (Eagle of Innovation), a competition organized by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

“All the startups were level-pegging – the high level of submitted projects only confirmed what huge innovation potential lies in Polish startups,” points out Filip Thon, CEO of RWE Poland and a jury of the Orzel Innovacji competition. was recognised for inventing a way to transfer sensitive data to a particular group of recipients without uploading the files to the cloud. Rather than distributing copies of the files, the software allows for invite-only, limited-access file sharing and keeps information on connected hardware devices, making security a top priority.

The official awards ceremony took place on February 3, 2016 in the editorial office of the Rzeczpospolita daily, in Warsaw.

‘Orzeł Innowacji Starup’ is not the fist award granted to this year. In January 2016, the startup was in a small group leading the Xberts Innovative Brands 2016 contest, during this year’s edition of CES in Las Vegas.


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