Techcrunch to Disrupt The European Tech Hub… Again


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Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019\
11-12 December 2019
Arena Berlin
5 reasons to attend
ITKM15 (you’ll get 15% discount from the current price)


The Agenda is Almost too Much for a high IQ to Digest

But still, we’ll venture into making our own top-2 of must-attend sessions: 

How to Scale Your Startup Globally Global expansion is critical to building the next unicorn, but what’s the right approach to maximize growth with limited resources? 
What does it take to raise a Series A  Venture capital funds have boomed this decade, but raising money is still hard for young companies. What are investors today looking for in teams, metrics and products?

Startup Alley

The one thing we’ve learned about big Tech events is that the exhibiting startups are like open books for you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an investor or an entrepreneur with an idea similar to the exhibitors — everybody will have an opportunity to find some valuable take-aways from chatting to the startup reps at the exhibition floor. 

We agree with TechCrunch, it’s networking on steroids where you have the opportunity to meet: 

  • investors determined to find the perfect addition to their portfolios, 
  • journalists eager to write about new companies and emerging trends or 
  • startuppers looking for collaborators, service providers or a new gig.

Here’s the best part: you still have time to plant your flag in Startup Alley and place your innovative products and ideas in front of the movers and shakers who can help you advance your business goals. How? Buy a Startup Alley Exhibitor Package. As always, you can count on our goodwill and readiness to help you get the best deal for you for you — remember, if you’re exhibiting at a TECHCRUNCH event (event at the last minute), you’re sending a loud message to the markets! Contact us for more details or directly the organizers’ team.


Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin is a great opportunity to enter the hacking ring with hundreds of other coders – up to 500 intrepid #keybordBreakers! The possible bounties for those who join: 

  • Loads of prizes from sponsors
  • $5,000 grand prize from Techcrunch itself for the best overall project
  • You could hack yourself into a heck of a startup – just like GroupMe

Wiki(Hacko)pedia: GroupMe was conceived at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010. Founders Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci raised US$10.6 million in venture capital from Khosla VenturesGeneral Catalyst Partners, angles, and others.In August 2011, Skype acquired the one-year-old start-up for around $80 million.

Hack tickets are now open and accepting applications. APPLY TO HACK

Complete Speaker Line-up

As usual, we’re making an extra mile for our readers and present the speakers and judges conveniently linked to their LinkedIn profiles (there’s one error in the links – will you find it?:))

If you would like to ask somebody from the list a question or ask for advice but you don’t know how — let us know, we’ll do our best to do that in your name!

Andrei Brasoveanu Partner at Accel
Andrew Bowell VP Product at Unity Technologies
Andrew Reed Partner at Sequoia Capital
Ash Egan Partner at Accomplice
Asher King Abramson Co-founder at Demand Curve
Benjamina Bollag Co-founder & CEO at Higher Steaks
Bindi Karia Innovation Expert + Advisor Connector of People & Business at bindi ventures
Bob van Dijk Group CEO at Prosus & Naspers
Carolina Brochado Investment Director at SoftBank Vision Fund
Charity Safford General Manager Northern & Eastern Europe at Uber Eats
Charles Delingpole Founder and CEO at Comply/Advantage
Christian Reber Co-founder & CEO at Pitch
Christoph Janz Co-Founder & Partner at Point Nine Capital
Clare Jones Chief Commercial Officer at what3words
Colette Ballou Chairman at Ballou
Daniel Dines Co-founder & CEO at UiPath
David Thevenon Partner at SoftBank Vision Fund
Efe Cakarel Founder & CEO at MUBI
Emily Foges Chief Executive Officer at Luminance
Eran Shir Co-founder & CEO at Nexar
Evgenia Plotnikova Partner at Dawn Capital
Francesca Warner Founding Partner at Ada Vemtires
Georgina Smallwood Chief Product Officer at N26
Glenn Shoosmith Founder & Chief Architect at JRNI
Hannah Seal Principal at Index Ventures
Hiro Tamura Partner at Atomico
Hiroki Takeuchi Co-founder & CEO at GoCardless
Holger Seim Co-founder & CEO at Blinkist
Holly Jacobus Investment Partner at Joyance Partners
Hovhannes Avoyan Founder & CEO at PicsArt
Isabel Fox Founding Partner at Luminous Ventures
Jag Singh Angel investor & Managing Director at Techstars
Jeremy Johnson Co-founder and CEO at Andela
Jessica Holzbach Co-founder & CCO at Penta
Joanna Kirk Consultant at Joanna Kirk PR
Johannes Reck Co-founder & CEO at GetYourGuide
Julia Hawkins Partner at LocalGlobe
Julian Stiefel Co-founder & Co-CEO at Tourlane
Justin Drake Researcher at Ethereum Foundation
Karen Stafford Regional Director Central Northern & Eastern Europe at Intel Capital
Karoli Hindriks Co-founder & CEO at Jobbatical
Katy Turner Co-founder & Managing Partner at Multiple London
Kinga Stanislawska Founder & Managing Partner at Experior Venture Fund
Laura Urquizu Partner & CEO at Red Points
Lila Preston Partner & Co-Head at Generation Investment Management
Louise Samet Partner at Blossom Capital
Malin Holmberg Partner at Target Global
Maria Raga Chief Executive Officer at Depop
Matt Penneycard Founding Partner at Ada Vemtires
Michał Borkowski Co-founder & CEO at Brainly
Niall Wass Partner at Atomico
Nic Brisbourne Managing Partner at Forward Partners
Nigel Toon Co-founder & CEO at Graphcore
Oscar Pierre Co-founder & CEO at Glovo
Paul Murphy Partner at Northzone
Pierre Paslier Co-Founder at Skipping Rocks Lab
Roxanne Varza Director at STATION F
Russ Heddleston Co-founder & CEO at DocSend
Sebastian Siemiatkowski Co-founder & CEO at Klarna
Siraj Khaliq Partner at Atomico
Sitar Teli Founder & Managing Partner at Connect Ventures
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss Founder & CEO at omni:us
Sophia Bendz Partner at Atomico
Sophie Alcorn Founder at Alcorn Immigration Law
Sujay Tyle Co-founder & CEO at Frontier Car Group
Suranga Chandratillake Partner at Balderton Capital
Tanja Kufner Partner at
Thibaud Elziere Co-founder at eFounders
Volker Hirsch Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners
Yoni Assia Co-founder & CEO at eToro
Young Sohn President and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Electronics
Zoe Adamovicz Co-founder & CEO at Neufund

Final call for a (quick) action

The first 5 Reasons to attend are obvious.

The next 5 reasons will pop up in your mind after the event if you don’t register NOW


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