VAUNT Celebrates EUR 760M of Transactions through Its Residential Estate Sales Platform and Sets Eyes on the USA

  • VAUNT, the Romanian sales and marketing platform for residential real estate, celebrates a set of achievements, including EUR 760M of realized transactions and EUR 2B worth of uploaded estate
  • The platform facilitates the sales a set of sales and marketing processes for real estate developers and agencies, remaining dedicated to the residential sector
  • The company’s ambition includes setting a firm foot in the USA in the nearest future, which will most likely require raising capital and significant team expansion

VAUNT is a Romanian B2B SaaS for residential real estate sales. The startup offers a variety of user-friendly and straightforward modules for sales and marketing, designed to streamline these processes and contribute to the growth of partners’ businesses and the benefit of their end-customers.

The Background and the Trigger

The co-founders, Irina Constantin (CEO) and Razvan Mitre (CTO), have known each other since high school, and their career paths have crossed on a number of occasions since then.

VAUNT Co-Founders Razvan Mitre (CTO) and Irina Constantin (CEO)

‘Before VAUNT, we ran a digital agency where we were developing custom software and marketing for clients in the housing sector. The moment that made us think about VAUNT happened after a meeting with a housing developer when they asked – How can I sell better? This question got us thinking: Instead of just helping one developer, why not create something that any housing developer worldwide could use to sell and build an infrastructure?’ Ms Constantin recalls.

The trigger for launching VAUNT was the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown as all businesses had to reconsider the ways they did things. Moreover, it forced the entire society into a major shift where, on the one hand, people became much more connected online, and on the other hand, they became more considerate about their future and what they want to change for the sake of better life quality.

‘It’s not just about going digital but also rethinking the whole system. It’s about syncing with the times, focusing on a more comprehensive approach to housing that matches our evolving priorities and lifestyle. It’s about going beyond the usual buy and sell homes, the community that shapes the way for us and our future generations of how we live and work,’ the CEO states.

The name VAUNT was chosen because, for the co-founders, it stands for taking pride in what one does and celebrating the impact individuals have in the market. They are convinced that they don’t just help their clients just close sales deals and build buildings, but also help people find and create homes for themselves and their families, enabling them to contribute to their legacy and generational wealth and be proud of themselves for it.

Onboarding and Functions

‘Once the client is on board, they just share all the relevant info about their project, and VAUNT uploads it into the system. The team makes sure that the client gets the right training and has all the answers to kick off sales. Plus, the ongoing support is in place to make sure not only is VAUNT helping the client, but they’re also in the loop on the latest marketing trends, what’s new in the market, and any upcoming products. It’s all about keeping you in the know and making things smooth from the get-go,’ Ms Constantin explains.

More specifically, the platform allows clients to keep track of clients and enquiries, manage housing portfolios and inventory, run newsletter and SMS marketing campaigns, present portfolio apartments in 2D, manage financials, generate real-time statistics and more. The company provides each client with tutorials and materials to help them grow their business, constantly listening and integrating feedback in the ongoing process of developing new functionalities. VAUNT is available on desktop and mobile. 

Partners and Other Facts and Figures

VAUNT’s portfolio of partners includes some of the largest residential developers and agencies in Romania, including Akcent City, HILS, Nord One, Nusco City, SDC Properties, VIBE Properties, and more.

‘We use VAUNT for a series of projects and I can say that it makes our work way easier. The sales team uses the app the most and that’s how they manage to save time to close deals,’ HILS’ business development manager Octavian Burlan shares.

The startup has some numbers to boast about:

  • over EUR 760M in transactions have been made through the platform;
  • this includes about 1.3% of all real estate transactions in Romania in 2023;
  • uploaded projects exceed the total value of EUR 2B;
  • about 10% of new housing projects in Bucharest are uploaded on the platform;
  • VAUNT saw a growth of 65% and welcomed more than 20 new clients in 2023.

Octavian Burlan, Business Development Manager at HILS

Seeing how the European residential estate market is expected to surge up to EUR 2.43T by 2029, VAUNT remains dedicated exclusively to this vertical to ensure that the company provides the best product possible for this sector.

‘Real estate is complex, with each vertical having its own specificities and one thing that we noticed by studying what is available in the market is that in order to make sure you fix a problem, you need to be laser focused,’ Ms Constantin reminds.

Ambition and the Steps It Will Require

VAUNT takes pride in remaining bootstrapped, which reveals the team’s identity as a technology-driven company, relying on its innovations rather than sheer manpower for scalability.

However, given the co-founders’ big vision, their plans constantly evolve, even though Ms Constantin admits to having a 10 year strategy worked out. It includes upcoming big launches, including the launch of new products, so the strategic outlook may require securing capital.

VAUNT’s plans also include international expansion. Since the tool set is available in English, it is designed for use by any residential real estate developer or agent.

‘Our primary focus at the moment is on the US market, where I will also be relocating for a few months. There’s a significant untapped market for us there, and we are actively seeking partnerships, strategic advisors, and funding from the US to support the launch of our global products,’ Ms Constantin shares.

Such ambitious plans will most likely involve expanding the team. The co-founders assure that their top priority is to keep building and maintaining a performant, happy team with a strong focus on work culture where the goals are clear and everybody understands why VAUNT is doing what it is doing.As such, the company is looking forward to welcoming new team members as it grows.


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