Bright Spaces Enters Poland Through Partnership with Adventum Group

  • Poland became the next target country for the geographic expansion of the Romanian real estate 3D visualization provider Bright Spaces
  • Bright Spaces’ partner in Poland is the reputable Adventum Group
  • The partnership is realized in the Centrum Orląt building that emphasizes accessibility and target medium and large clients

This April, the famous Bucharest-based real estate 3D visualization provider Bright Spaces announced yet another new geography. Following the partnership with the company’s first Finnish client, Skaska CDF, in February, Bright Spaces now enters Poland through its new partnership with Adventum Group.

Bright Spaces in Recap

Started in 2019 by Bogdan Nicoară (a guest on one of ITKeyMedia’s podcasts) and his team, Bright Spaces originally specialized in 3D visualization of commercial real estate. This allowed landlords to offer their potential tenants comprehensive virtual tours in addition to regular ones. This proved particularly beneficial during the COVID pandemic as interaction and deals between landlords and tenants could happen without in-person meetings and unnecessary health risks.

‘Our advanced technology has demonstrated its capacity to significantly expedite the leasing process, with potential efficiency gains of up to 30%. Bright Spaces’ digital twin technology provides a single point of truth for all property specifications, streamlining communication and fostering commercial agreements. The proven results of our digital twins include not only faster leases, but also optimisation of marketing, architecture, and sales costs, as well as up to 10 times more digital visits compared to traditional viewing methods,’ Bright Spaces’ head of sales EU Catalin Dragutoiu reminds.

Since then, Bright Spaces expanded geographically – with subsidiary offices in London and Dubai and partnerships in even more countries – and vertical-wise, to the residential and industrial/logistics sectors. The current partnership signifies yet another Bright Spaces’ geographic expansion. The first project to implement Bright Spaces’ 3D visualization in Poland is Adventum Group’s Centrum Orląt in Wrocław.

Adventum Group in a Nutshell

Adventum Group was founded in 2016 to manage real estate investments in Central and Eastern European. The Group manages over 700,000 m2 of commercial real estate across several CEE countries with more than EUR 1B of assets under management.

Katarzyna Dziemidzik, Leasing Manager at Adventum Group

Centrum Orląt is an office building with a distinctive design featuring a blend of glass and stone elements. Recently refurbished with respect to the highest standards of the market, the building offers a total area of 13,700 m2 (approximately 1,400 m2 per floor) for lease spanning 11 above-ground levels along with an underground level. The property is located at Orląt Lwowskich Square in Wrocław’s Old Town and offers ultimately convenient accessibility, making it an ideal choice for business tenants seeking central office space.

Adventum Group partnered with Bright Spaces as part of its commitment to innovation in real estate. According to Adventum Group’s leasing manager Katarzyna Dziemidzik, Bright Spaces was selected for the project due to the company’s cutting-edge 3D digital twin technology, allowing the landlord to provide the best digital experience for Centrum Orląt’s potential tenants.

‘We are thrilled to be the first in Poland to offer an immersive leasing journey to potential tenants and help them visualize their future offices. We invite our clients to step into Centrum Orląt – both digitally and physically – and experience the future of leasing firsthand,’ Ms Dziemidzik says.

New Project’s Peculiarity

Brights Spaces is known for tailoring its digital twins to the specific needs of the client. In the case with Centrum Orląt, the specific needs revolve around showcasing only certain splits of the property, a strategic decision in accordance with Adventum’s commercial objectives for Centrum Orląt.

‘While our technology enables the presentation of a variety of space configurations, the focus here is on targeting medium and large companies as potential tenants. Therefore, the spaces depicted in the virtual tours have been carefully selected to cater to this specific target audience,’ Mr Dragutoiu tells ITKeyMedia.

Reportedly, Adventum Group has made substantial investments to reposition Centrum Orląt as a prime office building in Wrocław, and as such, the virtual tours are designed to highlight the features and amenities that would be most appealing to medium and large tenants. By aligning the digital twin with Adventum’s commercial strategy, the partners aim to enhance the leasing process and facilitate informed decision-making for prospective tenants.

Potential Kickstart for Further Expansion

Catalin Dragutoiu, Head of Sales EU at Bright Spaces

Regarding the potential for further cooperation between Bright Spaces and Adventum Group, the proptech remains committed to expanding the partnership and assisting the client across their portfolio – as with all its valued clients. While there cannot be any specific comments on Bright Spaces’ strategy with Adventum Group regarding their other properties yet, Mr Dragutoiu can confirm that there are active discussions with various real estate developers and landlords in Poland.

‘Our aim is to continue fostering partnerships that leverage our advanced technology to enhance the leasing experience and drive efficiency in the real estate market. We will soon be announcing a new project in Poland, which underscores our commitment to innovation and our ongoing efforts to revolutionize the way properties are showcased and leased in the region,’ Mr Dragutoiu promises.

Bright Spaces anticipates this collaboration to showcase the company’s solutions to other real estate operators in Poland and beyond. Meanwhile, Adventum Group positions itself as an early adopter and tech innovator in the real estate sector, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to enhance leasing experiences and drive business success.


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