Wolfish appetite for business


Theoreticians and practitioners along with most promising startups from around the world will soon meet in one place. During a three-day conference organized in the heart of Warsaw, they will discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and more.

Record rise in interest

Wolves Summit, an international conference fully dedicated to innovative solutions and promoting best startups, despite its short history has managed to become a permanent fixture in the business events’ calendar. Both previous editions turned out to be a huge success and saw a significant rise in the number of participants thus the meeting has become one of the most important and valuable in Central and Eastern Europe.

The first edition took place last year in April and managed to gather more than 1300 attendees and 96 startup companies who competed for the main prize of $50 000 in the Great Pitch contest. The October edition was visited by more than 1500 people from all over the world. During three days 251 startups were able to meet with 156 investors and 304 executives. The number of the meetings between startups and potential investors or business partners was also impressive and, compared to the conference from April, it increased almost four times, from 482 to 1832.

From an idea to real effects

“We create a one of a kind opportunity to support the development of young companies from around the world. An international environment of experts from a variety of sectors, individual meetings, discussion panels and workshops are crucial in order to gain both knowledge and capital essential to implement innovative ideas,” says Barbara Piasek, CEO and one of the founders of Wolves Summit.

There are many benefits coming from direct meetings with the representatives of various sectors. The conference scheduled for April offers professional networking tools, which may help establish business relations. Startup founders will be given a chance to reach a narrow circle of potential partners, clients, and investors through, for instance, 1:1 conversations and roundtables, small thematic panels providing exchange of experiences and development of valuable contacts. A selection of matchmaking tools allows organizing meetings well-suited to current needs and preferences.

“Connections established during the conference often evolve into long-term cooperation, which pleases even more since we carefully select the most promising young companies before all editions,” adds Barbara Piasek.

Bigger opportunities and new perspectives

This year, on 11-13th April at the Wolves Summit conference in Kinoteka in Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science along with experts, investors, representatives of corporations and tech companies there will appear 300 startups from 51 countries and 45 different sectors. Not only more guests can be expected during the upcoming edition but also changes concerning opening a new module. Wolves Dev, is organized for the IT community. It’ll focus on networking and enable finding new employees by the attending companies. The Great Pitch is also permanent in the conference agenda, and startup representatives will have the opportunity to win $100 000 for their business development for the second time in a row – the success depends on how they present before the jury and experts.


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