10 Sources for Getting to Know AI by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

Anyone can Master AI now! Here are the 10 best sources of knowledge about AI for beginners.

  1. AI For Everyone – A great introductory course. You will learn what AI is, what it can and cannot do, and how to use it to solve problems in your business. You will also learn to work with an AI team, build an AI strategy, and consider ethical and social issues related to AI.
  2. Making Friends with Machine Learning – A course for anyone who wants to learn about machine learning without delving into math or programming. It will help you use AI to solve problems in your work and everyday life. 
  3. Machine Learning Specialization – Master core AI concepts and develop hands-on machine learning skills. The second course by Andrew Ng after AI For Everyone.
  4. Intro to Machine Learning – Learn the basic concepts of machine learning and build your first model. 
  5. Learn Prompting – Free open-source course about prompts. If you are starting with AI and want to learn to work effectively with these tools, then this page is worth checking out.
  6. Public Prompts – Want to create graphics using AI? Then be sure to go through this page. There are different models and prompts to choose from. The graphics show you what effects you will get.
  7. Hugging Face – A platform for building, training and deploying machine learning models using open source tools. It’s a place for researchers and machine learning experts to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on open source projects.
  8. Prompting Guide – A guide that goes through the basics of prompting, techniques and models.
  9. GitHub Prompt Engineering – Includes all the educational guides, lectures, testimonials, and tools related to prompt engineering.
  10. Promptpal – A collection of the best prompts for marketers, designers and creators.

Honorable mentions from the comment section included:

  • Promptbase – A marketplace for prompts
  • Mirosław Mamczur’s blog about data science and AI (in Polish)
  • OpenArt.ai – An aggregator of AI Generators and their knowledge bases
  • Harvard University’s course in Data Science and ML
  • Futurepedia – A vast directory of AI tools

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