7 Free Alternatives to Midjourney by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

Want to create beautiful images with the help of AI? Here are 7 free tools to replace Midjourney:

  1. Adobe Firefly – Firefly offers interesting features like image expansion and sketch to image. It’s completely free, at least for now.
  2. Bing Image Creator – One of the best free AI image generators. It’s seamlessly integrated with Bing Chat and is powered by DALL-E.
  3. Stable Diffusion – An open-source solution. Trained on huge collections, it creates beautiful images.
  4. Playground AI – You can generate up to 1000 images per day, completely free! Fast and beginner-friendly.
  5. Blue Willow – Works well for designing logos, landscapes, graphic concepts, and even comic book characters. It excels in generating human faces. Naturally, it’s free.
  6. Leonardo AI – Allows you to generate graphics dedicated to games (items, characters or buildings) and train your own visual model.
  7. Lexica – Extremely user-friendly. You have up to 100 free images per month. Currently, it has two models available.

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