Best Tips and Tricks to Start Your Own Business – Webinar With Startup Veterans


In the world of entrepreneurship where everyone has a business idea they want to implement, starting a business from scratch is a very difficult task indeed, especially to people who have no prior experience or strong business background. The statistics on startups aren’t that promising either, according to a research conducted by Forbes magazine over 90% of startups will fail. The question then becomes what startup founders, who have already set up a business and people who are wanting to follow suit, should do not to fail in the attempt of making their businesses successful.

On August 25, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Foundry Group Brad Feld, alongside guest speakers Rajat Bhargava, co-founder, and CEO of JumpCloud and Will Herman, a co-author of The Startup Playbook will share valuable insights on building and running a successful startup business. All three will share their knowledge, experiences, lessons, and hurdles that they have gone through when trying to create successful startups

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Founder-to-Founder Advice from Two Startup Veterans hosted by Brad Feld

Tue, Aug 25, 2020 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST



Will Herman is also a contributing expert here at ITKeyMedia (read Will’s latest post here). Will and his business partner Rajat have both acquired over 35 companies, have taken three startups public, have sold six, and have made billions of dollars for shareholders. 

If you are interested in getting some advice or already have a startup business running, whatever the case might be, or don’t have anything else to do due to Covid-19 this is a webinar you do not want to miss out: 

Brad Feld – host Managing Director at Foundry Group and Co-founder of Techstars
Will Herman Board Member,  JumpCloud
Rajat Bhargava CEO and Co-founder of JumpCloud


The one-hour webinar will involve topics relating to building your first startup business and will include discussion revolving around: 

  •  How much capital should I have to run a startup
  • How to find a niche for my startup
  • Business Models
  • Marketing strategies
  • Why so many startups fail

 Don’t miss out and register for the webinar asap!


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Best Tips and Tricks to Start Your Own Business - Webinar With Startup Veterans