Check out The Next Web 2021’s Incredible Lineup!


You know it, you love it, it’s here again, but this time as a hybrid event!

That’s right, now that the world is only half-ending, venues are opening up their floors for in-person conferences again. And hey, this year ITKeyMedia will also be attending the show floor live! So stay tuned for tons of updates and if you see a familiar face, say hi!

Who: TNW2021

When: September 30th – October 1st, 09:00 – 18:30

Where: In-Person & Digital Tickets

As always, The Next Web has both the biggest, most well-established names in business, as well as the most exciting startups and rising stars. 

Not convinced? Here’s a sampling.

Speaker Company & Position
Martin Villig Bolt, Co-Founder
Jen Carter Google, Head of Tech & Volunteering
Heini Zachariassen Vivino, Founder
Mala Singh Electronic Arts (EA), Chief People Officer
Amanda Silver Microsoft, Corporate VP & Head of Product, Developer Division
Jeff Maggioncalda Coursera, CEO
Monica Long Ripple, General Manager of RippleX
Dave Wright ServiceNow, Chief Innovation Officer
Lane Kasselman, Chief Business Officer
Tom Raftery SAP, Global VP, Futurist & Innovation Evangelist
Thiago de Faria Amazon Web Services, Solutions Architecture Manager
Anna C. Mallon Amazon Web Services, Startups & Ecosystem Development Lead
Loredana Crisan Facebook, VP of Messaging Experience (Messenger and Instagram)
Erica Sewell Netflix, Head of Inclusion Talent Outreach, Content Creative
Jason Silva Futurist
Mike Hayes VMware, Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Matthew Brennan China Channel, Chinese Digital Innovation Expert
Douwe Driehuis ISS, Head of Innovation & Workplace Management
Francesca Bria Italian National Innovation Fund, President
Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau MIT Technology Review, CEO & Publisher
Hayden Brown Upwork, President & CEO
Olivier Bonnet BlaBlaCar, CTO
Amit Chaturvedy Cisco Investments, Sr. Director
Kara Nortman Upfront Ventures, Managing Partner
Ella Hilal Shopify, Head of Data Science
William Zeng Goldman Sachs, Head of Quantum Research
Bob Crozier Allianz Technology, Chief Architect, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Global Head of Blockchain



Again, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there’s dozens upon dozens of other speakers from every industry you can think of.

Here’s the full list of speakers, and you can check out the entire agenda here.

Whatever your goal for the event is, you’re bound to find something for you – and there’s also a ton of opportunities for networking. 

As always, The Next Web is offering a few different tiers based on your needs. This year, they are Business Pass, Executive Pass, Investor Pass, and Startup Program. 

Some offer 1-hour calls with a TNW founder and some include meetings with investors, so make sure you choose the right one!

And if you’re only interested in specific aspects of the conference, TNW has that covered, too.

The entire event is split into 5 different “topics”:

  • Shift | Future of mobility

A series of talks on travel, electric & self-driving cars, spedition, and the mobility industry at large.

  • Hard Fork | A new era in finance

Dubbed “Europe’s boldest IRL crypto conference”, Hard Fork is primarily focused on modern approaches to money and markets, as well as the future of finance as a whole.

  • Neural | The next level of AI

You knew it was going to be here somewhere – TNW’s Neural conference is entirely about AI, machine learning, and robotics – particularly in the context of today’s hyperconnected landscape.

  • #TechFT Live x TNW

Emerging tech, quantum computing, the emerging need for RegTech to address today’s dynamic landscape – everything bleeding-edge is here.

  • TNW Conference 2021

Access to the whole event, allowing you to pick and choose as you please.

Each includes access to different speakers, so again, choose what matches your interests best and go nuts. Some of them are pretty cheap!

So there it is, another year, another TNW, but it seems that this year’s theme is “Back with a Vengeance”. 

Make sure to book your attendance today HERE!


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