Ecoisme, Energy monitoring system made easy


Ecoisme, a Home Energy Monitoring System, provides consumers with a simplified solution for cutting household energy consumption. Available exclusively on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the smart home energy system detects the usage of all home appliances, provides real-time alerts when devices are left powered on and coaches you to reduce energy consumption.

“We spent almost 2 years developing Ecoisme and have finally come up with the easiest and smartest energy monitoring solution. One sensor is all it takes to make your home truly intelligent,” said Ivan Pasichnyk, CEO of Ecoisme.”


After placing the clamp on your main power line and inserting the plug into the power outlet, access the Ecoisme dashboard through the user-friendly mobile app or web interface. Ecoisme can single out all of your home appliances, check their energy efficiencies and suggest the best ways for you to save energy.

For instance, if you have a long-established air conditioner that may be using more electricity than necessary, the clamp can help you identify the consumption so that you can act right away to have it serviced or replaced by contacting a Fort Worth HVAC professional.

Ecoisme will send critical alerts to your mobile device (both iOS and Android) if appliances such as your iron, electric oven or AC have been left on. Within the dashboard, parents can view their Ecoisme profile to monitor their children’s activities and view when the TV or Xbox are being used. Ecoisme can be taught to recognize all of your devices and will integrate with existing smart devices like Google’s NEST or Belkin’s WeMo , making your home significantly smarter.

It took just two weeks for Ecoisme to gather $50K.The Indiegogo campaign has achieved 120% of its funding goal in just over twee weeks and was featured on Mashable, Cnet, Uncrate, TechHive, and in many other publications. The team decided not to stop at the reached goal and is pursuing additional funding in order to improve Ecoisme’s sensor production.

Early adopters will receive a special discount of 30% off of the $199 price. Visit the Ecoisme campaign on indiegogo, check out their video or their website for additional information.


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