Get ready for Startup Europe Week Warsaw


Hosted by Startup Grind, Startup Europe Week Warsaw is soon to kick off. Hurry up to buy your ticket.

Startup Europe Week Warsaw, an event hosted by Startup Grind, is just around the corner. It will kick off on February 4th, 2016 in Campus Warsaw. Its main purpose is to get startups to know all the tools that the European Parliment, City of Warsaw, NCBR and the Ministry of Development make available for them.

“Together with Startup Poland Foundation we will try to draw the local startup ecosystem and imagine how it can be shaped within next years. At the end Startup Grind Warsaw will interview successful startup founder from Warsaw. After that will have time for networking,” say the organizers of the event.


Indeed, the Agenda looks promising:

  • 17:30 “Welcome from Startup Europe” – Anna Walkowska, Eliza Kruczkowska & Jakub Grzyb, Startup Europe Week
  •  17:40 “Start In Poland – Ministry of Development for Polish startups + Q&A”, Jadwiga Emilewicz, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Development, Warsaw
  •  18:10 “WOF Expo – City of Warsaw support for startup expansion”, Grzegorz Wolff, European Funds and Economic Development Office, Warsaw
  •  18:25 “Open Warsaw project – startups change the city”, Krzysztof Mikołajewski & Beata Kubiszyn-Puka, Social Communication Center, Warsaw
  •  18:30 “GoGlobal & BridgeAlfa – NCBR programs for startups”, Przemysław Paczos, National Centre for Research and Development, Warsaw
  •  19:00 “Startup Europe Week – Uniting European regions”, Jakub Grzyb, Startup Europe Week
  •  19:15 “Startup Europe – tools and projects for startups in Poland”, Anna Walkowska, Startup Europe Week
  •  19:30 “Startup Poland platform for startup promotion”, Eliza Kruczkowska, Startup Poland, Warsaw
  •  19:45 “Startup Ecosystem in Poland”, Eliza Kruczkowska, Startup Poland Foundation, Anna Walkowska, Startup Grind Warsaw, Warsaw
  •  20:00 “Startup Grind Warsaw hosts Marcin Pilarz from OriginTag”, interview by Anna Walkowska

Among the sponsors of the event, we can find The Capital City of Warsaw, NCBR, Tech Hub, Campus Warsaw, and Startup Poland. The event is free of charge, only 100 tickets are available.


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