Get ready for the Warsaw Startup Weekend


The three-day startup fest is just near the corner.

On August 28 at six p.m. kicks off the 7th edition of Warsaw Startup Weekend. The event will bring together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiast to disrupt the Polish startup scene a bit and also energize the entrepreneurial spirit of its members. This year, they all meet in Służewicki Dom Kultury on Jana Sebastiana Bacha 15.

Startup Weekend is a friendly competitive event, which foster the creation of promising startups over the course of a single weekend. During the 54 hours of the event, participants have the opportunity to work side by side with experienced entrepreneurs and investors, make connections, consult experts, share their ideas and hone their startup skills. There is also a thrill of competition: like every year, this time also the would-be entrepreneurs have to form teams, sharpen their pitches, present them in front of the judges, and – if they are lucky – get some investors. The Startup weekends culminates on Sunday with informal presentations to a panel of judges who declare a winner.

Among the judges can be found Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, Beata Tylman, Director at PwC, Adam Sawicki, CEO at T-Mobile Polska and Piotr Muszyński, Vice President of Management Board in charge of Operations at Orange Polska. Startup Weekend has always had a strong team of mentors, whose primary task is to help to aspire entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life – it is no different this time. The list of mentors is long and admirable: Michał Kreczmar e-Commerce Director at Hypermedia, Tomasz Rutkowski, CEO and co-founder at Senfino, Tomasz Karwatka CEO at Divante, Jakub Górski, CEO & co-founder at Cubiware, Łukasz Dziekan Senior Manager in Big Data Analytics at PwC and more. The event has also attracted a lot of sponsors, which include: PwC, Orange, IBM, PayU, and Outbox.

Day 1 (Friday 28th)
18:00            Registration Starts: Arrive at the venue and get checked in.
18:20            Dinner & Networking: Meet people, get familiar with each other.
19:00            Welcome & Rules: Warm welcome and review agenda for the weekend.
19:20            Pitchfire: 60 seconds – a mic, your voice, and your passion.
20:00            Voting: Attendees vote for the top pitches.
20:30            Forming Teams & Begin Work
23:00            Wrap-Up

Day 2 (Saturday 29th)
09:00            Doors Open
10:00            Breakfast
11:00            Business Model Canvas Workshop: (Optional workshop)
12:00            Mentors arrive: Mentors help teams 1-on-1. They are here to help!
14:00            Lunch
14:30            Mentors still here: Ask questions, show them what you have done.
18:00            Supper
23:00            Wrap-Up

Day 3(Sunday 30th)
09:00            Doors Open
10:00            Breakfast
12:00            Final presentation workshop: Tips for amazing presentations.
14:30            Lunch
15:30            Tech check: Obligatory tech checks for final presentations.
17:00            FINAL PRESENTATIONS: 3 min presentation and 3 min Q&A per team.
19:00            Judging & Awards
19:30            Wrap-Up (Go Home or go drink!)


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