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The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

To lose weight, you need to spend more calories than you eat. That’s a commonplace truth that everyone knows. Generally, what could be easier? If you spent 2000 calories, eat no more than, let’s say, 1950. With this approach, everyone could quickly become slim. But there is one little caveat.

There are ready-made tables for a sedentary lifestyle, so it’s easy to calculate your daily calories. The energy consumption for a run is shown by a fitness tracker, or you can also count it using some formulas. One plus the other gives pretty accurate answers. An ordinary office worker won’t be mistaken for more than a hundred or two kcal per day.

However, the food situation is different, and it’s much worse. With a more or less normal diet, we have no idea how much we eat. For instance, one salad was seasoned with oil, the other was left empty. Intuitively they are the same,but in reality, the first one is dramatically more caloric.Or, a little candy (what’s the big deal?) is equivalent to a solid serving of cod, which is a full meal. Additionally, we forget what we ate. “Oh, yes, there was also a cookie on the way. Or two … But not more than five for sure!” By the way, the energy value also has almost nothing to do with the feeling of satiety. As a result, either a person uses a notebook and a calculator, or calmly eats 1000 calories more than the norm and doesn’t even notice it. And, yes, 1000 additional calories once a week is 5 kilograms of fat per year, so it’s a path from being thin to severely obese in 6 years.

Russian #startupoftheday Healbe offers to count calories for us. Its product is a smart bracelet that automatically counts calories for a user. The owner of the gadget knows how much he has eaten today which means he knows when to stop. Consequently, he quickly loses weight. The mechanics of the device’s operation is to send a weak current flow through the hand, find out the amount of water and glucose in the cells by the electrical resistance, and then Smart Algorithms, based on the dynamics of changing the parameters, guess the portion sizes. 

The bracelet costs 20 000 rubles in Russia; in the USA, $200 – phew, what an unpleasant rate. For 10 years of its existence, the startup has attracted $16 mln in investments and hasn’t achieved tremendous success with them. I think it was about the quality of the product. According to many old reviews, the bracelet shows unrealistic numbers. However, my friend has recently praised the latest version of the device. Maybe, after all, the owners managed to get on the right road. If it is so, then I wish them good luck!


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Startup: Healbe

Translation : Valeria Stupnikova


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