NCBR will inject innovation to steel industry


The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) under the INNOSTAL program will support the Polish steel industry.

As the result of the INNOSTAL program, companies operating in the steel industry will receive PLN 120 million to support R&D and bring more innovation to the industry. NCBR sectoral programs fit into the Government Programme for Responsible Development, to promote reindustrialisation and strengthen the potential of entrepreneurs in key economic sectors.

Poland has the potential to join the world champions of innovation. It is thus worth focusing on the development of strong players such as companies from the steel sector or the video game industry. NCBR not only supports innovators, but most of all give them the tools that will strengthen their positions and make them key playmakers internationally.” says NCBR Director Prof. Maciej Chorowski.
Strengthening the steel sector
INNOSTAL was created at the initiative of the Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce. It is meant to serve the work on innovation in the steel industry and increase its competitiveness in the perspective of up to 2026. The program aims to stimulate the research activities in the steel sector as well as reduce the negative environmental impact, including by reducing energy consumption in the production of metals. The stream of funds will also help create new recycling and alloy production technologies.
The first pilot competition under INNOSTAL plans ahead PLN 120 million to support the companies in the industry. The call for proposals will begin on 1st June and last until 15th September 2016. Companies or consortia of companies that will present projects worth from PLN 2 million to PLN 30 million will be eligible to apply.
INNOSTAL sectoral programs will be funded under Measure 1.2 “Sectoral R&D programs” of the 2014-20 Operational Programme Smart Growth.

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