Ninja Lender Gives Rejected Loans a Second Life

  • Ninja Lender is a B2B fintech startup based in Poland and Estonia, founded in 2018 by a team of fintech experts from Ukraine.
  • The platform helps banks, lending companies, and P2P credit platforms to find other institutions that can offer a loan to their rejected clients.
  • The startup is in the middle of a seed funding. 

Ninja Lender, a winner-startup at the 11th Wolves Summit 2020 in the FinTech category, is looking to help SMEs and startups to get back on track during the COVID-19 crisis.

Yaroslav Dubov, founder and CEO at Ninja Lender, stated, ‘There are more than a billion rejected loans per year globally and 87% of them are unfinanced and thus go to waste. Moreover, the epidemic situation makes the lending market less accessible and more in demand. Now our mission is to help affected companies to survive by reallocating rejected applications and match SMEs with other credit institutions that can provide a loan.’

The Ninja Lender platform is not limited by the volume of loans or their types. Moreover, it fits well with related industries – leasing and factoring. The company offers a one-stop solution that helps rejected customers in the credit market.

Value for banks and other credit institutions

During the past years, the lending industry has been actively transforming with a high number of fintech startups entering the market with new approaches to customer loyalty. Ninja Lender claims that if more traditional players want to win the competition for customers, they as well must be able to meet their changing expectations. This includes, for example, helping clients to find other solutions where you as a bank are not able to help.

The banks might keep high customer loyalty thanks to Ninja Lender as they turn a negative experience into a positive one by providing alternative solutions. The main value for lending companies and P2P credit platforms is financial benefits. As buyers on the platform, credit institutions get access to verified leads, and sellers are able to monetize their rejected traffic that currently goes to waste.

‘There is a €9.5 trillion volume of rejected loan requests in the E.U. that with our help can get a positive decision. And we see a huge potential in cooperation with banks so together we could improve the current lending ecosystem to be of greater value for all stakeholders,’ Yaroslav Dubov said.

Business model

The company generates revenue from brokerage based on sellers with both CPL and CPS models, as well as supports the Ping Tree lead distribution technology. Within the CPS model, the commission taken by the company is a fixed percentage from the application fee for issued loans which estimates 20%. Thus, buyers pay only for the result, and rejected borrowers do not pay a penny for receiving an alternative credit offer. So it is a win-win for all sides.

Ninja Lender in Poland

The mission of Ninja Lender is to provide people and organizations with opportunities through accessible loans. Recently the startup received a public grant from the Poland Prize program in order to adapt their platform to the Polish market and start the business in Poland. Till now they have already acquired six lending companies and established relationships with five banks regarding future cooperation.

‘Our plans have changed due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, we are still planning to pilot with early customers in May. And we believe that now is the perfect time for us to launch the platform and run the business,’ Ninja Lender CEO said.

The startup has announced a €450K seed funding round for further development and scaling. Ninja Lender is going to focus on:

  • Adapting the platform to fit bank requirements for securing loans for rejected clients.
  • Building the solution for leasing and factoring.
  • Growing the customer base in Poland.
  • Market expansion in the EU.

If you are interested to know more about the company, reach out to us directly at [email protected] .  


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