Orum – Call Center Optimization


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

If an average talk in a cold calling takes about two minutes and every tenth person picks up the phone, it turns out that the operator spends half of their time listening to long beeps. If the robot listens to them instead of the human, the work efficiency will double.

Orum, the American startup of the day, solved this task. Its software dials several numbers from the list at once and connects them to the human only when someone picks up the phone on the other side. If, for instance, there is an answering machine, the software leaves a voice message, – double efficiency.

The software is obviously useful for any company that employs cold sales. The only question I have is – why doesn’t everybody use it already? About five years ago, I heard about technology like this working in a call center in Russia, and the US is supposed to be ahead in technologies like this. Nevertheless, the fact is the Orum is in place, clients praise them, and investors give them money. In its latest round, it brought in USD 22M of investment.


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Translation: Kostiantyn Tupikov


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