Phyllo – A Single API for Social Media by Alexander Gornyi


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

Imagine a modern version of a pawn shop that will lend money on a pawn of a social media profile. I haven’t come across something of the kind, but it might exist, by the way, – the idea isn’t that outlandish.

How many social media will it have to integrate in the American market? If your answer is three, four or five, then you are forgetting something. Snap, Pinterest, Twitch, Github, Medium, Reddit, Dribble, LinkedIn, – and this just begins the list of those standing in the second row following the juggernauts. And they can all have a pawn-sufficient profile. And in Spotify, Patreon or OnlyFans it also has profits, not just likes.

20 integrations are time-consuming, costly, and painful in future support. Or you can use a single API from Phyllo, the startup of the day. It integrates a couple of dozens of social media and similar services and broadcasts their data in a single interface.

The subscription is expensive. At the maximum scale, the price is 25 cent per month per user. My Telegram channel would cost me USD 10K per month if I ran my subscribers through Phyllo. Such spendings pay off not from readers but from creators, the client projects are suggested from them. If authors earn hundreds or thousands of dollars, they can pay a ten to a service, and the latter will send a dime over to Phyllo, the economics come together for everyone.

The startup launched only a year ago. Through this time, it has already brought in almost USD 20M of investment.


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