SeedBlink’s New Unified Platform for All Equity and Investment Management

  • SeedBlink’s new all-in-one equity and investment management platform unites a variety of relevant features seamlessly under one umbrella
  • It includes four services: Equity, Ventures, Syndicates, and Secondaries
  • As of now, the plan is to develop these four services without adding any new ones to the platform

SeedBlink, Romania’s and CEE’s most well-known equity and investment engine, rolled out yet another innovation this May. The launch of its all-in-one equity management and investment platform was announced, which is meant to absorb and further expand the pool of features available at Nimity by SeedBlink.

Carmen Sebe, CEO at SeedBlink

According to SeedBlink’s CEO Carmen Sebe, the launch of the new platform is in line with the company’s standing focus on simplifying complex equity management processes and providing strategic investment opportunities.

‘Today, we are an ecosystem of solutions that supports technology startups and scaleups in their quest for exponential growth, integrating financing services, retention of key employees, effective communication with investors, and early liquidity options,’ Ms Sebe states.

SeedBlink Product in Recap

The new platform is the logical step in SeedBlink’s ongoing development. Revisiting the platform’s 2023 milestones, they were as follows:

  • In March 2023, the platform announced the launch of its secondary market to individual investors, signifying SeedBlink’s further effort in democratizing VC investments.
  • In June, SeedBlink entered into a strategic partnership with Equidam, the Dutch startup valuation platform. It is meant to help fundraising startups to get a better perspective of their valuation in a fair and transparent way.
  • In August, SeedBlink presented Nimity – its one-stop shop for handling cap table tracking, investor governance and communication, fundraising, and other crucial aspects To facilitate equity management for both startups and stakeholders.
  • In September, SeedBlink presented Community Stars – a new type of investment rounds, specifically tailored for very early stage startups, with a ticket size of as little as EUR 500 (Unison became the first startup with a Community Stars campaign on SeedBlink).
  • In October, the company unpacked its Fall Release of four new equity tools, including Community Stars, NimityLink, Simulations, and Equibot.
  • In April, a number of Nimity upgrades were announced.

In May, it was decided against using the brand name Nimity for SeedBlink’s all-in-one equity management and investment platform.

Four Big Services under One Umbrella

Adriana Iordan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at SeedBlink

‘Four key services are included in the new all-in-one platform: Equity, Ventures, Syndicates, and Secondaries. They all have one thing in common – Equity. It was a natural move to bring everything under the same umbrella, and for the time being, we’re focusing on developing these four services, as each is complex. SeedBlink Equity integrates Nimity features under one single brand. We’re not abandoning Nimity, but we’re simply ‘parking’ it for now,’ SeedBlink’s chief product and marketing officer Adriana Iordan explains.

More specifically, SeedBlink’s new all-in-one platform integrates four services:

  • SeedBlink Equity is a comprehensive module of services that help companies manage their equity efficiently and transparently and make educated strategic equity decisions. These services include cap table management, relevant employee stock option plans, simulations, stakeholder governance, and portfolio management among others.
  • SeedBlink Ventures offers professional guidance, tools, investment vehicles, and introductions to the right VCs and investors network, accelerating the fundraising for tech startups.
  • SeedBlink Syndicates empowers angel investors and founders to pool and deploy capital within their own networks, thus fostering collaborative investment opportunities.
  • SeedBlink Secondaries offers early liquidity for vested shares, thus facilitating equity trading, Additionally, this supports portfolio diversification.

‘We’re utilizing AI in the ESOP Design module, and we plan to expand this further. We will reveal the details at an appropriate time,’ Ms Iordan adds.

As for now, SeedBlink recently unveiled its Rolling Facility. ITKeyMedia will be covering the new feature shortly.


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