Tahora – Corporate Parties for Home Office by Alexander Gornyi


Long-long time ago, before the virus, programmers and other white collars worked at offices 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. Back then, there was an understanding that they need corporate parties and other entertainment from time to time: this would supposedly make the employees work better and all the expenses would pay off many times. I haven’t heard of any substantial research on the topic, but everybody thought in this line.

As the pandemic began, office celebrations were gone, but nobody felt like celebrating at the office anyway. But now it seems like the right time to resurrect the tradition of corporate parties, but they cannot work the old way in every company – some kept complete home office, others made it hybrid. You cannot just collect everyone together at a spacious negotiation area on a Friday night. At that – see previous paragraph – the industry considers entertainment at work useful.

Tahora, the English startup of the day, decided to tackle this problem. It offers software that allows HR people to coordinate the employees – it’s not like we can celebrate all together anymore, but we can do it in small groups more often. Naturally, its app realizes more precise mechanics, but it doesn’t look like they matter, the startup tests one thing today and checks a different thing tomorrow. Nobody knows yet what can really work, the success demands pain – and it is either real or a phantom.

Tahora graduated from Y Combinator last Winter and brought in USD 1.6M of investment.



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