Keep Calm And Keep Your Clients Calling

  • The Covid-19 crisis is harsh, we help you navigate your remote team effectively.
  • Companies that provide telephone services should consider extending working hours and allow back calls ordering.
  • Sergey Butko introduced CallPage, a website widget that provides free phone callback to the leads in 28 seconds.

The remote-work style has burst in lots of companies unexpectedly. Covid-19 forced thousands of employers to switch the team to the “working from home mode” and adjust quickly. Earlier, we shared Top 8 Working From Home Tips to be truly effective at your home-based office.

If your company provides telephone services and now you have to let the whole customer support teamwork from home, you are not alone. Companies like Admiral Markets and Zappos were required to do the same as well – here you can find the list of companies worldwide that are staying home because of Covid-19

Sergey Butko, Voice AI Business Lead at CallPage

Sergey Butko, Voice AI Business Lead at CallPage

CallPage Voice AI Business Lead Sergey Butko offers 5 steps for remote and high-quality telephone service. We have selected the most substantial insights for you. 

1. Adjust the service hours to the current circumstances.

Sergey has accurately noticed that Covid-19 made customers feel stressed – shopping malls, restaurants, airports, etc. are closed during quarantine – and not being able to contact the marketer even via phone can make them feel more panic. 

Depending on the industry you work in, you might want to extend or shorten the service hours. After, remember to inform your customers – make the working hours visible at your website and add them to the autoresponder. 

2. Let customers order back calls 24/7.

Again, due to Covid-19 people are stressed enough. You surely can’t put someone on the phone day and night but at least let your customers order back calls for the next day for instance. 

This is very reassuring for a client to know that tomorrow at 11 you will be called back.

3. Divide service channels by categories.

If your company receives lots of calls from customers asking about technical issues/delivery delays/advertisement offers you might want to split queries by topics. 

You can do it by creating additional virtual numbers and redirecting customers to appropriate people or departments. As a result, you will be able to handle every segment qualitatively. 

4. Control the quality of your remote customer service team.

You can control every conversation made and missed client calls thanks to special tools, CallPage is one of them.

It’s essential to analyze the number of connections and categories. It will let you monitor the dynamics and see if your company is making any progress. 

5. Make sure communication goes smoothly and no piece is lost. 

For newcomers in the remote work world, one of the biggest challenges is to keep team communication smooth and clear.  

No wonder Sergey Butko offers CallPage tool as a great way to do so, ‘you can integrate the system with CRM, messenger, SMS-notifications, and LiveChat to be sure that information goes to the right people.’

Apart from CallPage, there are other tools that can help you secure perfect data flow such as Intercom, Zendesk Chat,, Chatwoot, and others. 

Covid-19 may seem like stalemate but look at the other side. The virus time is an opportunity for those who can build relationships with the customers based on authenticity, empathy, sensitivity, and transparency. Your clients now may need you as never before, make an effort and take good care of them today, so that they buy from you tomorrow.


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