Three Days to Investment School in MedTech by Alexander Gornyi


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

Frequently asked questions about our MedTech Investment School.

– Is it really a venture? I know Uber, Zoom, but medicine, I don’t know.

It is possible to think in different ways; there are analysts, as many ratings. The first Wall Street Journal link concluded that among all software industries, which has 23.5 bln in venture capital investments per year, biotech is in the general second place, it has 15 bln. Next are fintech – 9.5, new medical equipment – 5, near-medical IT – 3.5, and services around health – 4. In general, it turns out that medicine has 27.5. You can find fault with each number, but it is how it is. In Russia, there are many successful MedTechs, even among well-known ones, from DocDoc to Genotek.

– Maybe it is overheated since there are so many investments?

Before COVID started, health spending was 17% of US GDP. When COVID ends, the percentage will increase. Such a market cannot overheat.

– Are there checks for less than a billion in medicine? A normal clinical trial lasts three years and costs like half a kingdom, what can an ordinary person do there?

IT around medicine and services around health usually do not require clinical trials. The path to becoming a user is no longer than in some food tech projects. Also, the first product costs the same. The volume of investments in them, according to the Wall Street Journal, is 7.5 bln; it is the third from conventional software. And this is in one area.

– Do you specialize in it? I have never seen Gorny and Moreinis in white coats.

Leading schools are professionals, startup founders, and medical tech investors. We stand modestly on the sidelines.

– And what to say? If the economy converges, then invest; if it doesn’t converge, then don’t.

Well, if you understand everything, then there is nothing to argue about. I will study by myself.

The start is already on Monday, don’t miss it.

Translation : Valeria Stupnikova


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