inhire Is Setting the Precedent for Destabilizing Tech Hiring Marketplaces

  • inhire is a Polish recruitment platform that uses AI to provide better matches for both companies and potential employees.
  • The company has recently begun the patenting process for its proprietary algorithm which matches prospective employees with the right employer and vice versa.
  • They’re currently claiming to have all IT jobs from their clients in Poland, with their scraper constantly populating new ones as they come out.

Of all the ways we’re revolutionizing the world as we know it, employment and the infrastructures that facilitate it are beginning to look remarkably primitive by comparison.

To top it off, people with modern skill sets, such as those we see in various cutting-edge tech fields, now command significant influence within the job marketplace, so it’s no surprise that they’d become dissatisfied and disillusioned with the current paradigm being offered first.

That’s exactly the story of inhire, whose modern job marketplace’s boldly titled “No more bullshit manifesto” begins with the words “We are tired”.

To be more specific, inhire is a platform that connects experienced candidates from the IT sector with job offers suited to their expectations.

As the company’s CEO, Michał Gąszczyk, explained it to us – “It provides candidates with access to knowledge about companies that are currently looking for people with their skills. On the other hand, it offers employers the opportunity to directly reach the best candidates who might be open for new opportunities.”

inhire's CEO, Michał Gąszczyk

inhire’s CEO, Michał Gąszczyk

The whole concept is based on getting rid of the spam that still tends to permeate within the recruitment world. Michał explains that they do not care about providing a company with 50 candidates that will not fit the requirements. In their eyes, the optimal solution is to provide a company with 1 open job role 3 candidates, two of which should be invited to the recruitment process and one should be hired.

The aim is to cut away the fat by only offering tailored opportunities to both potential employees and recruiters based on both parties’ predefined criteria, which is then further made practical by a quick application and review process, as well as feedback so both parties can improve with each application.

The company has recently made steps towards patenting this technology, claiming that, “Knowing that we have implemented an algorithm that increases the effectiveness of recruitment by reaching the candidates with a clear message “this offer meets your financial expectations” without the need of making this data public. We do know the salary expectations of candidates registered at the platform, yet we do not reveal them to companies. Also, companies tell our algorithm what are their offered salary and we do not shot it publicly now. But, we use both those data points and instead of saying to candidates “undisclosed salary” and can clearly state “this offer is matching your salary criteria” so that they don’t have to worry that they will be wasting their time engaging with this particular job offer or company.

The people behind inhire are already hard at work on building the platform further to provide additional features and improved efficiency.

Already, inhire has four times the job offers they did by this time last year. This, of course, feeds back into their algorithm, facilitating even more accurate matchings. Additionally, the company has implemented a scraper that constantly checks clients’ job boards to see if they have posted something new. If they have, the system automatically incorporates the changes in the company’s profile on inhire.

Because of that we soon will be able to proudly say, that we have all current job offers in Poland for IT specialists – it seems that companies only post around 10% of the job offer from their career pages on job boards. And now we can have them all updated at inhire, without any additional work required from the clients. We are also planning to get all the participants of our marketplace on the same page regarding what “the other side” is expecting – in terms of salary expectations, working hours, perks, etc.

The current benchmark they’re aiming for is this: Michał asks us to imagine a recruiter beginning to post a job offer on inhire – that offer is analyzed in real-time and a recruiter immediately gets suggestions like “people you are looking for also expect X, and their salary expectations are Y”. The aim is to make recruiting easier, but it’s likely that this will also make the process more intuitive and, who knows, maybe even change it for the better.

Paulina Urban, Talent Acquisition Team Leader at Grupa Wirtualna Polska and one of inhire’s clients, chimed in on how the platform has empowered their hiring process.

Paulina Urban, Talent Acquisition Team Leader at Grupa Wirtualna Polska

Paulina Urban, Talent Acquisition Team Leader at Grupa Wirtualna Polska

There are many pros about Inhire that made me choose it. The most important one is that Inhire is the first solution on the recruitment market that uses machine learning to match the candidates with companies. The platform is easy to use, intuitive and what’s crucial – really effective.

Of course I’ve noticed positive changes since I started working with Inhire. I’ve always been keen on new solutions and Inhire is one of my favourites – but not without a reason.

Considering that every job on the planet is either changing or about to change, it’s a bit unacceptable that the way we hire has changed little, if at all, especially on a global scale.

What inhire has provided is a glimse into the future of tech hiring and – one might hope – the future of hiring in general.

There’s tons of work that still needs to be done, so we can’t afford to waste any of it.


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