Nethone’s Cyber Security Awarded with ISO 27001 Certificate

  • Polish fraud-fighting solution provider Nethone received the ISO 27001 security certificate
  • This is a result of a long and complex work on standardizing the company’s rules and procedures to prepare it for the external audit by the International Organization for Standardization
  • The certificate increases the company’s trust and reputation and is necessary for  scaling up the partnerships
  • The company’s further plans in this direction include full SOC 2 compliance

Polish fraud-fighters Nethone announced the obtaining of the ISO 27001 certificate. The certificate was awarded by the International Organization for Standardization as the result of the meticulous and lengthy external audit process. The certificate doesn’t only signify Nethone’s compliance with the international security standards, but is also a significant reputational gain for the company and can play a crucial role in the company’s potential partnerships.

Founded back in 2016 by a team of Polish cyber security experts, today Nethone is an already well-known and established provider of a comprehensive solution against online financial frauds, successfully cooperating with an impressive list of global players in eCommerce, digital goods, and financial industries. Nethone’s modular Know Your User™ solution enables all online businesses to minimize risk-related friction across channels, addressing a wide spectrum of fraud types, including bot attacks, ATO, CNP fraud, or chargeback fraud. It also provides its clients with real-time actionable recommendations.

Last November, it became part of the MANGOPAY group – the French all-in-one payment infrastructure provider. Importantly, the parties assured that MANGOPAY’s acquisition of Nethone would signify the development of ‘MANGOPAY-specific’ solution but not influence Nethone’s regular activities in any other way.

The Long Road to the Certificate

According to the company’s CTO Mark Burton, the process of certification was something Nethone was already planning to complete prior to Nethone’s acquisition by MANGOPAY.

‘There is more to ISO 27001 certification than meets the eye. As per industry standards, there is a strict audit process all companies must go through in order to be certified – it is definitely not just a case of applying for it and receiving a certificate. The reason for this is that there are a whole set of tasks, checks and even training that need to be completed by all company employees before certification is granted,’ the CTO explains.

Olga Voloshyna, CEO at Silvery LLC, Chairperson of the Committee on IT and Cyber Security of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Olga Voloshyna, CEO at Silvery LLC and Chairperson of the Committee on IT and Cyber Security of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, tells ITKeyMedia that obtaining the ISO 27001 international compliance certificate following an external certification audit demonstrates the successful implementation of the informational security management system in an organization.

‘This is definitely a result of a costly and complicated project that could only succeed with full support of the company management and tightly-knit teamwork. The comprehensive approach to the informational security management system implementation, including the formalization of the critical business processes and the company’s assets, the development of the set of regulatory documents, the systematic evaluation of the informational systems’ security, and the effective risk management, – all this allows the company to ensure the high level of its cyber security and its responsible attitude toward informational security,’ Ms Voloshyna adds.

The Achieved Milestone and Further Plans

Mark Burton, CTO at Nethone

According to Mr Burton, the certification fulfills several goals:

  • adding to our current and potential customers’ peace of mind and the confidence in working with Nethone;
  • building an additional level of trust when dealing with the clients’ valuable data;
  • ensuring the already high standards of data security by an external audit of our information security policies.

‘The obtained ISO 27001 certificate can increase the trust of clients and partners, create new business opportunities, and guarantee the necessary level of data security. Also, the presence of the certificate can be the decisive factor for cooperation with international companies, particularly those in the finance sector,’ Ms Voloshyna points out.

Nethone are known as firm advocates of high standards of security, adopting and sticking to rules and procedures in everyday online interactions. Obtaining the certification and continually monitoring its internal security procedures is the most logical course of actions for Nethone.

Earlier, Nethone also received SOC 2 Type 1 certification, which confirms their security company is compliant with the standard. Full SOC2 standard compliance is Nethone’s priority, and this marks the direction for the company’s further development – continuous building of trust, reputation, and – naturally – compliance.


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