Winners of Unicorn Battles Q1 2023 Will Meet at the Unicorn CUP Finals

  • After nine industry-specific Unicorn Battles Q1 2023, Unicorn CUP Finals will take place on March 16th
  • Nine winners of industry-specific Battles will compete for the title of the absolute winner
  • The Finals will be divided into two sessions for the convenience of participants and viewers in different time zones

For two months, we had an opportunity to get familiar with the most diverse but equally exciting startups from all over the world as they pitched live at Unicorn Events’ nine industry-specific Unicorn Battles:

With these nine Battles passed, the Q1 2023 Battles series will culminate with the Unicorn CUP Finals Q1 2023 on March 16th. Ten industry-specific winners (because, as we remember, the Crypto & Blockchain Battle had two winners) will cross swords. They include:

Network.VC, Silicon Valley Syndicate Club, and Startup Inc. will once again be the sponsors of the event, and the extensive list of judges at the Unicorn CUP Finals Q1 2023 will include:

For the convenience of the judges, experts, and attendees from different time zones, all startups will pitch in two sessions: at 9 AM London time and 9 AM San Francisco time. In each session, each founder will have 5-6 minutes to pitch and answer the questions from the jury and the experts. After all the pitches are done, there will be a few more minutes to finalize the votes that will determine the winner.

General audiences are also welcome to attend and vote, tickets are available at Eventbite.

Unicorn Events’ previous pitches and battles are available in full on the official YouTube channel.


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